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About US

+ Where is your factory location?
Our factory is located in Chaoyang Industrial Zone, Yayao Town, Heshan City, Jiangmen. From Canton Fair (75 minutes). From Baiyun Airport (90 minutes). From Guangzhou South Railway Station (60 minutes).
+Do you support customer customization?

Yes, we can do customized designs with our clients. Our customers can email us designs with preferred measurements attached. We will discuss what might happen with our craftsmen and make changes to ensure a safe, durable and beautiful product.

+ What are your working hours
9:00-18:00 in the morning (East Eighth District +8). Monday to


+ What kind of products do you manufacture?
We manufacture a wide range of different products including Rattan, Aluminum Frames, Pineapple Latex, Teak, Poly Rattan. We make lounge chairs, sofas, tables, dining chairs, bars and other items. We are constantly developing new products for our customers.
+ According to our request, can we choose the color of outdoor furniture?
Of course, you can choose what you like. We have color list for your reference.
+ How do you pack your items?
Our packaging standard is to use corrugated paper packaging. If you require wrapping, or styrofoam wrapping, please specify when requesting a quote.
+ How long is the production lead time? What is the minimum order quantity?
Our delivery time depends on the order, but is generally 4-8 weeks minimum for a 1 x 20ft container item type.
+ Can you develop custom designs?
Yes, we can do custom design with customers. Our customers can email us a design complete with preferred measurements. We will discuss with our craftsmen what is possible, and through and changes in construction, may be necessary to ensure a safe, durable, beautiful product.
+ How to maintain rattan furniture?
Wipe clean rattan; keep away from sharp objects (keys, knives, sharp metal pieces, etc.), fire (fire, flames, smoke, etc.); Maximum weight capacity does not exceed recommended weight.


+ I want to buy outdoor furniture, what process do I need?
The first step is to prepare your furniture layout and tell us your requirements. Our sales will guide you in the other steps.
+ Damage from hail and storms. Is this covered by warranty?
Unfortunately, we don't include the weather, which sometimes has hail and storms. Damage caused by adverse weather conditions is not covered by the warranty. You can buy a separate panel with us that you can replace the damaged one with. Fill in our contact form, or call customer service +86-0750-2082912.
+ Can't find your question here? Contact us!
Fill out the contact form on our website, or call customer service +86-07502082912. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.